College Hostel

A beautiful and facilitated hostel is provided to the students of high and middle sections. Faculty members are also provided with this facility. Facility of geyser and generator is provided for the hostel.

Moreover the mess of the hostel fulfill all the demands of sanitary standards. Nutritional meals are cooked over here. The Students are provided with a big prayer hall. They are allowed to call to their family at weekend. There is also a facility of laundry for them. In case of any ailment hostel has an MI Room where a medical assistance is available round the clock.

There is a complete and good study environment available for them in the classic rural and natural background. In organizational structure we created two houses in the hostel to ensure healthy competition and active participation in extra-curricular activities while selecting the names for two entities of border students we were reminded of the contribution of founder mothers of Islam in a time of its infancy and during the life time of Holy prophet (PBUH), therefore the entire strength was divided into two groups.

Thus the first two houses were named as Ayesha and Fatima House. Students of both Houses are supervised by House Wardens which are responsible for their character building and moral conduct.