medicalMedical Facilities.

MI Room has been built and appropriately equipped to facilitate the staff and the students ofAGPS&C, round the clock. Ambulance service is provided for any emergency.

science labLaboratories / Science Laboratories.

We do not teach and guide only about theoretical knowledge of Chemistry, Physics & Biology. Labs are outfitted with all the apparatus that is required for the practical application of Secondary & higher Secondary classes.

Computer LabComputer Laboratory

The School has well equipped Computer Laboratory because the modern era is the era of computer & technology. To cope with modern world and information technology our computer lab is equipped with latest computers.


All reading materials in library are related to all aspects of knowledge and have been selected keeping in view the interests of students. The Library also contains reference books, more than a dozen magazines and newspapers.


  • To enhance the knowledge of the students about the world and different fields of the day.
  • To get them connected with current affairs, daily newspapers are provided.
  • To develop a habit of book reading and to make them informed members of society in future.
  • To provide them reference books regarding different subjects to improve and enrich their knowledge and abilities.


A sound body possesses a sound mind”. That’s why the students in AGPSC are given sufficient time for sports and games. 1 hour for sports and games is provided to them in evening daily when they can play basketball, table tennis, badminton and volleyball according to their taste. In near future they will be provided a football ground also.


The College cafeteria is a facility to the boarders where they are provided refreshment. It contains all the edibles, which the students like. Moreover stationary and other things of their use are also available in the café.

Tea Break Tea Break.


The faculty members of AGPS and students are provided with a free tea break and refreshment at Recess timings. Moreover the staff members who reside in college hostel also enjoy free mess and accommodation facilities.

Winter and Summer AmenitiesWinter and Summer Amenities.


Geyser facility is provided during winters, Warm water is available round the clock. TheSchool has electric water – coolers, refrigerators and deep- freezers to meet the requirements of cold water during summers. In the case of load shedding Generator facility is provided 24 hrs.